Social media and online networking

Social media is firmly established as a networking and marketing tool. And many small businesses are finding that a presence on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or Facebook is opening up new lines of communication with customers. But the digital world has not replaced other forms of marketing communication. Instead, businesses now have to ensure that they engage with customers wherever they would like to be found, both online and off.
First steps with social media

It’s vital to develop a social media strategy that’s right for your small business. We can help. Our guides, checklists and case studies can show you how to get the most out of social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

We’ve also got checklists that will help you write blogs.
Get started with our simple guides

Our easy to follow “get started” guides can help you set up your small firm on Twitter, LinkedIn, SunZu (previously Ecademy) and Facebook.

One of the first jobs is to describe yourself or your company. Before you start, take a few minutes to read this guide:

• Ten tips for creating an engaging online profile.

The next step is to build up followers and you can learn more about that in Gemma Went’s excellent article, Finding your audiences on social media
Employing a social media consultant

If you are thinking of working with an outside consultant to establish your social media strategy, read Six questions to ask when recruiting a social media expert.

And have a look at this case study about Bath Ales. The West Country brewery employed a social media consultant to get them on the right track and that strategy paid off with increased sales.
Learn the rules of the game

Social media can be risky business. Make sure you protect your brand and keep within the law by reading Legal, decent, honest and truthful — is your online marketing up to code?

It’s also worth drawing up your own guidelines if several members of staff are tweeting on behalf of your business.