Content marketing

Content whiteboard

Content marketing has become a core business activity. For small businesses, posting useful content online offers a powerful way to engage with customers — via blogs, case studies, email newsletters and social media.

Today, everyone expects to find the answers to their questions on your website. The right content can demonstrate your expertise; position you as a leader in your field and inspire trust.

Marketing content also works incredibly hard for businesses. It can show your brand values and prove that you are switched on and up to date. What’s more, it can attract more website visitors, improve your search results, widen your reach and boost your reputation.
Marketing your business with content

Relevant, interesting and valuable content allows businesses to build relationships. By sharing useful information and by providing evidence that you can meet your promises — such as case studies and testimonials — you can convince prospects to become customers without having to resort to a hard sell.

At the same time, social media is helping content to fly — as blogs, white papers, video, infographics and more are all shared on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook.
Content strategy

For small firms, content marketing can pose challenges — such as finding your voice and scheduling regular blogs. Keep the content fresh, though, and you will keep website visitors coming back time and again.

We have got lots of useful guides to all aspects of content marketing — including writing effective blogs, creating killer case studies and producing email newsletters.

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