About MSS

Frustrated with all the smoke and mirrors that surrounds the digital industry. And tired of watching many clients who had little understanding about digital marketing and waste a lot of money on services they didn’t actually need.

Stella aims to change that. Working to break down the knowledge gaps that exist between clients and the companies to look after for digital and website marketing. Simply she is here to offer and informed, friendly, honest second opinion on any digital marketing investments you may be making or considering.

Stella does things differently by listening to your needs, helping you to measure and understand the results better.

She works in every area of digital marketing covering experience in web design and development, writing web content, web analytics, social media, search engine marketing, blogging & paid search (pay per click advertising).

Stella believes that power lies in responsibility.  She surrounds herself with the conditions she wishes to create and therefore have everything she needs to be successful and independent according to her values and purpose. Stella considers the welfare of others and to master production. She is empowered by, and it is her honour to be, generous in offering or reproducing security, stability, and protection by her virile and reliable example. Her assets are perennial trust, respect, and validation that are well deserved.